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In order to receive the calendar each month you must complete this form signifying that you have read and understand the following Hiking Club rules:

As a Bay Area Jewish Singles Hiking Club Member (Hiking Club's) I understand and agree to the following:
  • It is my sole responsibility to be properly prepared for each event in which I participate. This includes wearing proper shoes and clothes and bringing adequate food and water, if appropriate
  • I agree to follow the directions of the event leader. I understand and consent to the event leader's authority, in his or her sole discretion, to ask me to leave the event if I am behaving in an unsafe manner to myself, the leader, other participants or the environment, if I am not adequately prepared or for any other reason. If I am asked to leave an event, I will be fully responsible for my own safety and transportation
  • I will provide my own transportation to and from events. It is not the Hiking Club's or the leader's responsibility to provide my transportation
  • I recognize that the Hiking Club is an all-volunteer organization and that Hiking Club leaders are not professional, are not trained in first aid and lead events solely as volunteers
  • I warrant that I am in good health and have obtained my doctor's permission to participate in strenuous activities such as hiking. I will not participate in those events that are too difficult for my current fitness level. I assume the risk that I may not be physically or mentally prepared for any event in which I participate
  • I am not on any medications that would adversely affect my ability to participate in an event. If I am on medications that could adversely affect my ability to participate, I agree to inform the event leader prior to my participation
  • In case of emergency, you may contact:



    Phone number:

  • I agree that the Hiking Club Board of Directors can terminate my membership if I have behaved in an unsafe manner at a past event, threatened leaders or other participants, or for any other reason. In the event my membership is terminated, I will receive a pro-rata refund of my membership dues
  • I recognize that hiking and other physical activities can be dangerous. I understand and agree that I am participating in these activities at my own risk and in consideration of my membership in the Hiking Club, I hereby release from any and all claims and promise not to bring any action for injury, death, or damage to real or personal property in any forum against the Hiking Club, its Board of Directors, or any of the event leaders, and further agree to indemnify, defend and protect the Hiking Club, its officers, directors, members, and event leaders from and against any claims for damages or injury which is related to or arises from my participation in any Hiking Club Event, from any contact I may have, regardless of time and place with any person whom I may meet as a result of my membership or participation in a Hiking Club event, and as a consequence of the conditions which may exist at the location of any event sponsored or co-sponsored by the Hiking Club

I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THESE RULES: (Failure to agree to the Hiking Club Rules will prevent you from receiving a copy of the monthly Calendar)

If for any reason you have trouble signing up with this form or have questions about the mailing list, please email the list moderator at jewish_hiker-owner@yahoog  

Updated: June 1, 2002

Photographs courtesy Immanuel Cherkas, Justin Gould