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All Volunteer Organization: Though the Club has come a long way from the modest dreams of two single people who were looking for other Jews to enjoy the outdoors, we still depend on the active participation of our members to help us plan around 100 events each year. We are entirely self-supporting and have no paid staff. We serve the entire Bay Area.

Ours is a friendly, open club: Our members, not our board, choose and lead events.

Other important information about us: Adults of all ages are welcome. Children and dogs are permitted only at certain activities, when specified. Otherwise, if you wish to bring children or a dog to an event, please contact the leader first to make sure it is OK.

Mental attitude is MORE important than physical fitness: Many of our hikes are suitable for beginners. Advanced hikes are identified in our calendars. Your stamina and enjoyment of hiking improves after only three or four hikes.

Hike at your own pace: Leaders wait at all junctions, and rear leaders ensure no one is left behind.

We invite you to join us at an event soon. Please register on this site to receive our monthly calendar FREE each month via email or email us for more information.


Updated: January 11, 2008

Photographs courtesy Immanuel Cherkas, Justin Gould